Using Granular Resource Economics To Measure ESG & Fiscal Operating Performance

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Leadership Team

View13 specialises in integrated management processes. 

Steve Burt: Business & Platform Architect 

Martin Wilderer: Execution & Finance 

Boris Petrovic: System & Interface Architect 

Ivan Lazarevic: Engineering & Integration Architect 

Ken Klippen: Standards & Regulation

Gu Xiaoying: MD China 

Tze Shin Goh: Compliance & Auditing 

Client, implementation and engineering teams based in USA, UK, EU, China 

View13 has developed out of one of the first cloud resource efficiency platform’s, designed for global resource tracking, supplier transparency and operational forensic management.

We Underwrite Trust

Transparency in a supply chain and resource flows is business critical and more than just tracking visibility. 

Its about having verified information at your finger tips that empowers real-time action 

to mitigate risks.  

Supply Chain Integrity


We provide end-to-end supply chain transparent and assure product provenance using data narrative analytics blockchain technology. 

Customer Trust


We provide your customers information at their finger tips they can trust with the ability to instantly share their preferences.   

We connect people to trusted information

What we do

You Talk


We listen 

We discuss, discover, scope, design and make it happen.

We Action


You Approve 

Our engineers configure to meet your business needs .

You Use


We Support 

We build partnerships not customers.   

We Innovate


You Benefit    

Data Narrative Analytics (DNA) blockchain.   

Why Data Narrative Analytics Blockchain ?

The Boring Bit

View13 DNA-Blockchain is a version of the Blockchain architecture but designed especially for supply chain using a private permissioned structure.

DNA has been designed specifically to effortlessly scale while minimising operating resources, in capacity requirement, technical support, bandwidth needs and in human interaction. 

Each smart block can use multiple data sources relating to a products (or Subjects) life cycle from origin to end-of life.  

DNA ensures high transaction performance with minimal cost and seamless user experience. 

We are about simplicity

Streamline processes and workflows to provide the next level of trading performance without changing your systems or investing millions. 


Global Enterprise


Used to measure resource consumption, emissions and related expense flows across 200 plus global operations with tier 1 suppliers.

Food Services


Used by the world’s largest food services company across 72 countries and 1000’s of locations. Reduced core resource consumption by over 10%.

Global Manufacturing


Used by a global household cleaning products manufacturer in 21 factory’s and related business operations.

The Fun Bit


You will gain business efficiency, improved risk management, reduce significant costs and use trusted information for trading decisions.  


Its ready and available, which means you can pilot proven applications, without development cost, disruption or management distraction. 


Experience less errors and smoother transactions by connecting business processes and teams in a seamless trading flow.

Contact us today and find out how you can simplify your operating complexity, reduce costs and gain trading efficiency.

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