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Where Suppliers & Customers Securely, Seamlessly & Easily Share Trading Data

We Address The Critical Trading Issues

Blockchain Supply Chain Transparency Track Trace Safety Waste Efficiency Walmart BI AI Ecosystem

Data Accuracy - To Many Systems, Insecure Paper & Spreadsheets, Trading Gaps, Logistic Processes, Lack of Control 

Data Consistency - Data Gaps, Hidden, False, Inconsistent Data, Speed of Data & Information Availability  

Trading Trust - Compliance, Operating Processes, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Integrity, Honesty, Provenance 

Trading Cost - Audit, Risk Assessment, Speed of Assurance, New System, Legacy System Change Cost 

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A Single & Secure Trading Platform

View13 middle ware application eliminates costs, data accuracy and trust issues, time lags and process duplication through DNA-Blockchain tracking & trusted trading tools, that provide the ultimate supply chain transparency & provenance with seamless data flows. 

View13 is compatibility across systems and devices allowing growers, drivers, production, customs, warehouse and store teams to work with one trusted record, every time-on time.

Blockchain Supply Chain Transparency Safety Track Trace Management Platform Collaborative Walmart

Immediate Business Value

The View13 model is simple, just connect and gain instant trading transparency without implementing a new system or technology. 

View13 is the platform that you and your suppliers can connect to and share information without changing internal systems of processes. 

Build Trust - Reduce Cost

End-to-end supply chain transparency & provenance

Manage Suppliers

Blockchain Supply Chain Transparency Safety Track Trace Fraud Platform Collaborative  D&B IBM, SAP

Quickly, efficiently and accurately validate supplier. Control communications for compliance, performance and relationship management.

Driving value through building supplier trust and loyalty.

Track A Product

Blockchain Supply Chain Transparency Track Trace Safety Efficiency IBM Walmart SAP BI AI Ecosystem

Track any product or ingredient throughout its life-cycle using IOT, metadata, geotags and geofencing to customise real-time visualisations. 

Act with confidence and make better, faster decisions. 

Experience Transparency

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View13 has developed from over ten years’ experience of providing supplier transparency, resource tracking and forensic management solutions.

Identify and address risks before it risks your customer.

Shared & secure end-to-end from source to consumption.

Blockchain Supply Chain Transparency Track Trace Safety Efficiency Walmart IBM BI AI SAP Ecosystem

Secure Trading 

View13 secure trading platform tracks, traces and forensically verifies product processes from source to consumption.

Seamless Flows 

Each supplier can automatically share critical metrics, documents, logistics and relevant holistic source information. 

Brand Trust 

View13 is a customer-centric ecosystem that is designed with end-to-end verification and dynamic assurance functions to guarantee critical process transparency. 

Just Connect 

Companies can immediately and effortlessly connect through any device, anywhere stripping hundreds of millions of cost out of supply chain management. 

No License Fees

View13 allows unlimited users with ‘no license fee’ requirement, which means everyone in a value chain can easily and seamless use. Just like accessing Google, Amazon and Alibaba.

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Just Connect

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Practical Process

We start by listening, discussing and detailing what you want to address. We establish the detail, the practical processes and all influencing factors and issues.

We work with you and your team to create your solution, to meet your exact requirements. We detail, document and specify.   

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Seamless Implementation

We understand operating processes and the many auxiliary issues that need to be factored in at this planning stage. That's why we specify every aspect of in detail for us to jointly to review and test. 

Once the process flow and outputs are agreed we configure our forensic platform. We engineer, ready for you to pilot.   

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Global Team - Local Touch

We have a global network of experts that support customers on a local basis.  

We keep it as simple and easy as possible so everyone can use and understand the information they need, when they need it, on any device.  It's about people not technology . 

We Underwrite Customer Trust

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