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The Collaborative Trading Platform For Food & Product Safety & Transparency

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Reduce current costs across your supply chain.


The View13 model is simple, you and your suppliers connect to a secure trading platform to gain instant transparent processes without implementing a new system or technology.  


Instantly transform your company’s current systems from restrictive information silos into end-to-end trading transparency management with View13’s leading edge DNA blockchain.


Using ten years’ experience of providing supplier transparency, resource tracking and forensic management solutions we have developed a collaborative trading platform. 

Transparency, Trust & Integrity


How much of your supply chain can you really see and trust ?

View13 uses DNA Smart Block (DNA 1.0) a version of the Blockchain architecture that was designed especially for supply chain collaboration transparency.


How many systems are you and your suppliers using and at what cost ?

View13 is a collaborative platform, that enables different legacy business ERP and operating systems to connect and facilitate everyday trading processes.


How do you know that process integrity is being maintained ? 

View13 uses advanced tracking, locating and supplier verification processes to validate integrity performance, authentication and safety. 

We Have Simplified Costly Processes

Just Connect to create your trading Ecosystem

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Trading Transparency

Connect and experience end-to-end supply chain transparent and assure product provenance without affecting your existing systems. No Disruption, No New System, No Headaches - Just Reduced Cost & Complexity

View13 enables you and your suppliers to trade, track, verify, assure, challenge and address issues immediately. Use a range of cross reference data points and metrics to create high value trading insight. Seamless, Effortless, Safe, Trusted, Assured - Cost Efficient

Supplier Integrity

We provide a range of track & trace data continuity options and processes, designed for food or product safety aspects, their integrity, process & content verification and provenance aspects. Use proven forensic processes to protect your brand value and enhance customer trust. End-to-End Assured Trading Trust

Use pattern recognition to understand and compare complex and diverse processes across a trading chain. Stop Fraud, Sharp Practice, Recalls, Headlines 

Business Efficiency

View13 neutralises restrictions the current business systems have, they where never designed to share data across internal or external operations. 

Businesses and their suppliers are now able to securely share agreed data and trading information sets seamlessly to improve trading efficiency and reduce trading risks and costs.

Eliminate Hidden Costs that Erode Profitability

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Replace and reduce multiple existing systems and operating expenses

View13 specialises in trading transparency and integrity with customers in 50 countries.  

  1. Food & Product Safety Integrity Verification  
  2. Verify Origin, Content & Process Points 
  3. Real-Time Continuous Production Tracking 
  4. Secure Document Sharing & Validation
  5. Live Logistics Tracking Views 
  6. Food Hygiene Document Sharing 
  7. Verify Animal Welfare & Produce Standards 
  8. Advanced Financial Management Options 
  9. Interactive Customer Purchasing Application  
  10. Craft Your Own Custom Options 

View13's collaborative trading platform provides advanced business transparency and integrity at a fraction of your current cost by eliminating system and process duplication.   

Unlimited Users - No licence Costs - pay for what you use

Designed for humans

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Everyone Can Understand

Clean interface that provides fast access for key actions about what matters.

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Interactive Sharing

A range of collaboration features to make it easy for everyone to work together. 

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Visual Simplicity

Users and consumers can access simple and relevant personalised information.

View13 has a global support and consulting partnership Network.

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The Trading Transparency Platform

Key Benefits

Provides end-to-end forensically-tracked, accurate and validated supply chain information, enabling clients to eliminate legacy systems, costs, process duplication, management time, which means increased profits.

Enables retailers to track products from supplier to customer thereby improving the ability to control, manage, minimise and identify risks through transparent and traceable processes which means improved customer trust and loyalty.  

Uses real-time accurate trading intelligence to make better informed decisions and improve operating efficiency which means competitive advantage and premier pricing options for sustainable and transparent product supply chains.

Empowers a minimal cost entry level pilot that integrates with legacy systems and easily upgrades into a more advanced blockchain protocol once ready.

One Truth from Every View

View13 offers a secure trading platform that companies and their suppliers can use to securely track, share and control trading information. This information is verified, assured and transparent to all parties to underwrite safety and trust.

secure and trusted platform for sharing information between suppliers and customers.

Your trading Platform is ready for you - Today

Eliminate Costs

Eliminate a range of trading costs through seamless end-to-end workflows in a single platform.

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate human error due to process duplication and data transfer between systems.  

Eliminate Doubt

Eliminate fraud and sharp practices through end-to-end transparency and verified transactions.  

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One Truth From Every View


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