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Supply Chain Transparency
Resource Management

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View13 is a 21st Century Business Platform

View13 is a global cloud platform that provides three management applications.

Resource Management 

Trading Transparency 

Supply Chain Management 

View13 addresses the cost, inflexibility, data blind spots and gaps, spread sheet connectors and general system overload problems between companies and their suppliers.

The three core applications are designed with some 35 individual management tools or functions that can be used stand alone or in a custom suite. 

View13 offers a highly secure (DNA-Blockchain) yet flexible management platform that allows you to receive or send data from any device or system, without replacing existing systems. 

Just Connect 

Why View13 ?

Operating Costs

View13 tracks, measures and helps you control your resources, materials and waste generation across your total operation.   

Business Costs

Use one integrated platform that eliminates duplication, management time, spread sheets, user competence issues.    

System Costs

Benefit from unlimited users, no future upgrade costs, no change disruption or multiple system complexity.   

Reputation & Trust

View13 DNA is a version of the Blockchain architecture that is designed especially for resource and supplier transparency. 

Competitive Advantage

Real-time information, transaction pricing, connected teams, automated tasks, agile to change, easy to use.

Customer Value

Underwrite customer trust, loyalty and your brands position in buying preference by personalising product information.

Configure - Use


The View13 model is simple, already used in over 50 countries you and your suppliers can effortlessly connect to a secure business platform without implementing a new system or technology.  


Instantly transform your company’s current systems from restrictive information silos into end-to-end business management control with View13’s leading edge DNA blockchain.


Using ten years’ experience of providing supplier transparency, resource tracking and forensic management solutions we have developed a shared value business platform. 

No User licence Fees - Unlimited Users

Business Value - P&L Performance

Resource Management

Resources erode profits, controlling energy, water, fuels, waste output, etc is still archaic, with 10's of systems that never account for all your consumption. 

Time to use a proven resource management platform across your global operation and with suppliers. 

Trading Transparent

Customers are demanding information abut a produce, the ways its produced and what's in it, but tracking systems only tell you where it is... if your lucky.

 Time to use the highest level of data authentication to underwrite that everyday processes are being completed .

Supply Chain Management

Use real-time accurate supply chain intelligence to avoid recall catastrophes through secure value chain collaboration tools. 

We Have Simplified Costly Processes

Just Connect to create your trading Ecosystem

Blockchain Supply Chain Transparency Track Trace Safety Waste Efficiency LinkedIn BI AI Ecosystem

Risk Transparency

We provide end-to-end supply chain & resource management transparency for product safety and provenance using DNA-blockchain & forensic accounting p&L platform. View13 enables you and your team to track, verify, assure, challenge and address supply chain management issues immediately. We provide, source to shelf, primary and auxiliary data options for a truly comprehensive view.  

Supplier Integrity

We provide a range of track & trace data continuity options and processes, designed for food or product safety aspects, their integrity, process & content verification and provenance aspects. Use proven forensic processes to protect your brand value and enhance customer trust. End-to-End Assured Trading Trust

Use pattern recognition to understand and compare complex and diverse processes across a trading chain. Stop Fraud, Sharp Practice, Recalls, Headlines 

Business Efficiency

View13 neutralises restrictions that current business systems have since they were never designed to share data across internal or external operations. 

Businesses and their suppliers are now able to securely share agreed data and trading information sets seamlessly to improve trading efficiency and reduce trading risks and costs.

Eliminate Hidden Costs that Erode Profitability

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Replace and reduce multiple existing systems and operating expenses

View13 specialises in trading transparency and integrity with customers in 50 countries.  

  1. Food & Product Safety Integrity Verification  
  2. Verify Origin, Content & Process Points 
  3. Real-Time Continuous Production Tracking 
  4. Secure Document Sharing & Validation
  5. Live Logistics Tracking Views 
  6. Waste Tracking, Accounting & Costing  
  7. Verify Production & HSE Standards 
  8. Advanced Financial Management Options 
  9. Interactive Customer Purchasing Application  
  10. Craft Your Own Custom Options 

View13's trading platform is designed to connect with current ERP and in-house systems to immediately provide advanced business transparency and integrity at a fraction of your current cost, eliminating system and process duplication across the trading chain.   

View13 has a global support and consulting partnership Network.

Designed for humans

Blockchain Supply Chain Transparency Track Trace Safety Waste Efficiency LinkedIn BI AI Ecosystem

Everyone Can Understand

Clean interface that provides fast access for key actions about what matters.

Blockchain Supply Chain Transparency Track Trace Safety Waste Efficiency LinkedIn BI AI Ecosystem

Interactive Sharing

A range of collaboration features to make it easy for everyone to work together. 

Blockchain Supply Chain Transparency Track Trace Safety Waste Efficiency LinkedIn BI AI Ecosystem

Visual Simplicity

Users and consumers can access simple and relevant personalised information.

The Business Platform

Key Benefits

Provides end-to-end forensically-tracked, accurate and validated supply chain information, enabling clients to eliminate legacy systems, costs, process duplication, management time, which means increased profits.

Enables retailers to track products from supplier to customer thereby improving the ability to control, manage, minimise and identify risks through transparent and traceable processes which means improved customer trust and loyalty.  

Uses real-time accurate trading intelligence to make better informed decisions and improve operating efficiency which means competitive advantage and premier pricing options for sustainable and transparent product supply chains.

Empowers a minimal cost entry level pilot that integrates with legacy systems and easily upgrades into a more advanced blockchain protocol once ready.

A World Class Team

View13 has a truly world class deeply experienced team who have been there and done it. We bring expertise built up over the past 10 years working with global companies who trade across the world.

We have partnerships with global and expert consultancies, to provide you with local attention on a global scale.  

Contact us today for a chat, you will be pleasantly impressed.  

secure - trusted - cost effective

Your Business Platform is ready for you - Today

Eliminate Costs

Eliminate a range of trading costs through seamless end-to-end workflows in a single platform.

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate human error due to process duplication and data transfer between systems.  

Eliminate Doubt

Eliminate fraud and sharp practices through end-to-end transparency and verified transactions.  

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